Trubrain Stock

What you describe is a type known as the Tetris effect a type of Hypnagogia (also known as a waking dream) it is a form or aniracetam fatigue parasomnia. Trubrain Stock not sure if Modafinil brings it about though as I experience it and have done so both before and after starting Modafinil. I have experienced various Hypnagogia and Trubrain Stock other parasomnias (some more frequently than others for me) along with lucid thought Trubrain Stock lucid dreaming sleep sulbutiamine with adderall walking sleep talking sleep paralysis narcolepsy and Trubrain Stock central sleep apnea all with a lack of REM sleep chronic insomnia narcolepsy (why I was prescribed Modafinil in the first place) and with a whole host of other sleep issues.

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Modafinil has improved my quality of life immeasurably by pretty much curing

the Narcolepsy and exhaustion. My theory is that without the sleep walking and insomnia neither my exhaustion or narcolepsy would much of an issue but since sleep walking has no cure and without drugs I can’t take because I am a sleep walker my insomnia can only be addressed so much by low dose Klonopin better sleep hygiene and cognitive behavioral sleep therapy Modafinil will remain to be a life saver for me. And in addition to keeping me up I also get artvigil modafinil the benefits of better executive function and high level task management without any of the negatives of amphetamine related stimulants. I personally do not experience any of the negative side-effects. As it is I have enough sleep issues that I work with some of the top doctors in the Baltimore area schisandra adrenal complex forum almost all of whom are Johns Hopkins doctors researchers professors or some combination thereof.